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With the core belief that businesses thrive when it supports and is supported by its community, Lu France Interiors works with artisans and small businesses from different parts of the world to bring you a selection of curated home decor pieces all made for intentional design. Good design is never rushed, it takes time and there is something extra beautiful when homes are designed and filled with meaningful, handmade pieces carefully crafted and collected through time, each carrying stories from the hands of its makers. 


Lu France Interiors and its collections pay homage to the work, skills, traditions, and artistry of its makers. We believe in sustainable and ethical business practices. In doing so we also carefully choose the small businesses and artisans we partner and collaborate with. From textile weavers in the Philippine provinces of Ilocos Norte, Bicol, and Cebu to artists in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, graphic designers in Singapore and San Diego, California, small business owners in New York and Missouri to name a few, we celebrate diversity and the beautiful artistry evident in our pieces, collections, and brand as a whole. 


Stay awhile, browse through our collections, and hopefully our pieces continue their stories in your homes. 

Named after my 2 grandmothers, Lucy and Francisca, I was born and raised in the Philippines and spent a good amount of my childhood watching my mom arrange then re-arrange furniture, move plants around, tend to her garden, and place pieces to zhuzh up the rooms in our house. I inherited my discerning eye and appreciation for careful design from her and I will always be grateful.


It seems like a lifetime ago but Early Childhood Education was the first stop in my career. After graduating with a Bachelors in Sports Science from the University of the Philippines and obtaining a Certificate in Childhood Education from Vanguard University of Southern California, I worked in classrooms in Manila, Chicago, Indianapolis, and San Diego and also accepted private toddler homeschool clients. Children are a critical audience--spending a lot of time with them honed my skills in crafting engaging products. The curriculum, the lesson plans, my performance as a teacher---everything had to be dynamic!


Through my teaching years, I also styled weddings, started my own business, and worked in floral design. Different threads yes, yet all driven by my passion for creative and thoughtful forms of expressing ideas.


In 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic completely challenging me to rethink my goals, I committed to finally pursuing my love for design full-time. I enrolled in the New York Institute of Art and Design, started home projects, and started an apprenticeship in natural dyes and other sustainable art forms. In design, as with teaching, as with entrepreneurship, I bring my commitment to thoughtful and intentional beauty, patiently crafted products, and mindful design. Lu France Interiors is the evolving culmination of all my creative experiences and on a more personal note, my way of thanking the people who have shaped and guided me.


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