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Tree Wooden Candle Holder

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  • A note from France: I've always been drawn to wood whether as an architectural feature, as art, or as decor. There's something about its grains and its texture that seemingly tells stories passed down through time. This handmade wooden candle holder with brass detail by Ovo Things is no exemption. Made from leftover, post furniture production oak by Ovo Things' artisans in Lithuania, the tree candle holder was also  designed in Lithuania by artist Marija Puipaitė whose beautiful creations are inspired by the human body. 


    Due to its handmade nature, every Tree Wooden Candle Holder may differ slightly in pattern and color of wood. No two pieces will be exactly alike.


    Sold individually, candles not included. For Ovo Things candles, purchase here. 


    Handmade in Lithuania. 

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