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San Diego Textile Art

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  • A note from France: Have you ever been to San Diego, California? This textile artwork is inspired by the sunset of San Diego and the beautiful colors it brings as it bids farewell at the end of the day. There is always a sense of calm when the sun sets, a sense of accomplishment, a sigh of relief, and a feeling of a promise kept that washes over me whenever I look at the sky. It is one of my most favorite views when time allows me to bask in its beauty and it is definitely a must see when visiting San Diego. I hope this piece continues its story of calm and beauty as it finds a restful place in your home. 


    The textiles used in this framed artwork are linen and cotton, all naturally dyed with eucalyptus leaves, orange peels, rusty nails, ferns, and, onion skins by France in San Diego, California. Glued to handmade paper by Kelsey Pike, the artwork itself measures 5x7 inches. The piece is framed by Simply Framed with their gallery natural wood. 


    Made in San Diego, California USA

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