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Dagat Raw Silk

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  • Dagat-- A Filipino word that means sea. The Philippines, my first home is a beautiful archipelago and this piece is an ode to the waters that skirt the coastlines of about 7,641 islands. 


    100% raw silk naturally dyed by France in San Diego, California with orange peels, red onion skins, logwood chips, and madder roots. Send it to the framers for use as wall art, use as tapestry, as a backdrop for flatlays, pillow covers, and other projects. Unhemmed.


    This textile has been prewashed. When used as art or for projects, please avoid direct and prolonged placement under the sun. Do not hang near windows or any area near sunlight. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about natural dyes and textiles.  


    Made in San Diego, California USA

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