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Kahoy Lazy Spoon

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  • A note from France: Growing up in the Philippines, wooden handicrafts have always been staple pieces in my parents' home- from furniture made of yakal and narra to wooden architectural features in our home to decor. All these things greatly influenced my aesthetic and I'm always in search of wooden pieces expertly crafted by artisans back home. Along with my preference for small batch handmade things, sustainability and social impact are also of utmost importance to me and sometimes, these values are difficult to navigate together. Small batch products from across the Pacific also mean more carboon footprint in terms of frequency of shipping. So when I stumbled upon Acacia Creations in my search for quality, artisinal pieces, I knew I had to carry their pieces in the LFI curated collection. A business founded on values of fair trade practices and more- providing jobs and training to their artisans and giving back to artisan communities through education and healthcare initiatives, I am so grateful for the work that they do and I'm excited to carry and share their Philippine made pieces with you. 


    This lazy spoon is perfect for your cooking needs. The hand-carved slot fits over most pots and is made of suar wood using traditional techniques and tools by a third-generation woodworker and his team in the Philippines.  This piece is finished with a food-safe varnish. Due to its handmade nature, every piece is unique and has slight variations. Actual product may vary slightly from photos. 


    Made in Bulacan, Philippines

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