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Himaya Hair Oil

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  • A note from France: I met Kaela, owner of Lola Severina on Instagram after she bought one of my candles. A Filipina small business owner based in Southern California, she named her brand after her Lola (Grandma) Severina, honoring her for her strength, perseverance, and breaking barriers. There are so many good things to say about this brand; sustainability is of utmost importance and is practiced in all of its aspects- honoring the culture that inspires the brand, giving back to communities in the Philippines, and being mindful of environmental impacts. I'm truly honored to carry a piece from Lola Severina in my shop.


    Himaya  /hi.má.yâ./ translates to bliss, great beauty, and high honor in the Visayan (Bisaya) dialect of the Philippines. This solar infused hair oil was formulated to naturally nourish your hair (and your nails) It is a blend of argon, castor, and sunflower seed oil slowly and purposefully infused with rose petals, jasmine buds, and green tea. All base oils used are non-comedogenic.


    Use a few drops on your scalp, tips of your hair, facial hair, and nails to moisturie and promote healthy growth.


    Hand poured in Oxnard, California

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