Panatag Silk Crepe

  • A note from France: Panatag-- a Filipino adjective that means tranquil, calm, quiet. It also translates to easy, without difficulties, at peace, or self assured. Inspired by the late President Noynoy Aquino of the Philippines, this silk actually started out with a bright, yellow color; a color that has long been associated with the Aquino legacy and their movement for democracy. After bundle dyeing this piece, different colors dulled the bright yellow and accentuated it with different other hues. I looked at it and thought, how beautiful and calm it still seemed amidst the patterns and marks that complete it. Panatag, right? Just confidently at peace, self assured.


    This 100% silk crepe scarf with a hand rolled hem is dyed with orange osage, logwood chips, wattle, roses, and madder. Please take note that silk crepe is sheer and has a subtle sheen.  Actual colors may vary slightly in person. Due to its handmade nature, there may be imperfect patterns or marks on the textile making every piece uniquely beautiful. This piece has been prewashed. Visit the FAQ page to learn more about natural dyes and textiles. Naturally dyed in San Diego, California.


    If purchasing as a gift for someone else, you may leave a message on the NOTE section upon checkout.