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Ceramic Pinched Vase

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  • Please take note that because of the handcrafted nature of this piece, every Ceramic Pinched Vase is different. No two pieces are exactly alike. The actual vase you may receive will vary slightly from the photo. 


    A note from France: Texture, movement, and an organic and raw quality to a ceramic piece- these are design elements that draw me in when looking for ceramics to curate. All these and more are present in the work of Alicja, a hand building ceramicist and the woman behind this piece. A graduate of Fine Arts High School in Poland, Alicja also has a Studio Arts Degree from Nazareth College in Rochester, New York. I stumbled upon her work after months of scouring Instagram and online sites, looking for an artist whose aesthetics and values would resonate with mine. She had me at "Tax the rich.", a statement that she had painted across some of her work. And while those pieces are not part of the LFI collection, I just knew that I had to carry Alicja's work at LFI. The pieces I curated for this collection are inspired by wabi-sabi as well as the movement of fabric- handkerchiefs and other textiles. Hand crafted in Mad River Valley, Vermont, every piece is uniquely different and imperfectly perfect. 


    Made from brown speckled stoneware clay. 


    Made in Vermont, USA  

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