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  • Will the textile colors bleed in the wash?
    All textiles have been scoured and mordanted, processes that allow the natural dyes to bite into the fabric to help fix them permanently for long lasting color. All textiles have also been washed after dyeing to remove excess dye. That said, bleeding may still occur so it is important to wash the textile separately.
  • How do I care for my naturally dyed textiles?
    To prolong the life of your naturally dyed textiles, hand wash, separate in cool water with pH neutral soap or mild, eco-friendly detergent. Do not wring or twist the textile. Gently press to squeeze out excess water and do not soak the textile for more than 30 minutes. Lay flat to dry or line dry in shade. If you are using the textile for your projects or as wall art, please avoid prolonged and direct exposure to sunlight. Do not hang textile directly across windows or near a direct source of sunlight. These pieces have been mordanted to improve lightfastness (how the dyed textile reacts to prolonged exposure to light) and washfastness (how well a color stays on the textile after it has been rinsed and washed). However, even with these processes, some natural dyes from raw dyestuff are more susceptible to fading over time. Some may also change colors over time. These are normal occurrences which also happen with synthetic dyes so it is best to care for your textiles by observing the instructions mentioned above.
  • Where are the textiles from and where are they made?
    All naturally dyed Lu France Interiors textiles are hand dyed using raw, natural dyestuff by France in San Diego, California. Each piece is dyed lovingly and carefully, giving utmost respect and appreciation for the raw materials that enable her to create. To observe sustainability, natural raw dyestuff are sourced locally from the plants around her, from food waste like onion skins and fruit peels, or from like minded small businesses in the USA who carry raw materials for natural dyes. The fabrics themselves are sourced from small businesses in the USA who believe in fair trade, ethical, and sustainable practices and carry fabrics from different parts of the world. Depending on the type of fabric, they are made in the USA or from artisans in India, China, and other countries. No matter where they are made, Lu France Interiors only partners with small businesses who believe in similar causes and who observe ethical business practices.
  • What can I do with my naturally dyed textiles?
    From styling pieces of furniture like sofas and chairs to using the textiles for your projects, the possibilities are endless! Personally, France enjoys using her textiles as wall art, sending them to the framers for custom framing or as scarves. You can also use them as tapestries, for styling your own products or flatlays, for wedding projects, wrapping presents, etc. etc. Whatever you use them for, tag us on Instagram (@lufranceinteriors), we’d love to see and inspire others through your photos.
  • Other Decor
    All pieces under the Lu France Interiors brand are carefully curated by France, selected, or developed through partnerships and collaborations with like minded small business owners and artisans in the USA and around the world. From the artisan made wood decor pieces to the watercolor artwork for your walls and everything in between, we hope they find a beautiful, restful place in your home. For any questions or concerns on any of these pieces, contact us at
  • Design Services
    Just bought a home? Moved to a new place? In need of a room refresh? Get in touch with us at France offers inyterior styling services such as furniture shopping, vignette styling, etc.

For other questions or concerns or if you want to share photos of your Lu France Interiors textiles, have inspiring stories to share, or are just in need of a virtual, socially distant cheering up, contact us at We’ll try our best to help you!

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